Do not sit, please.

We make furniture to bring people closer together, establish links and strengthen relationships. We want to prompt moments of connection, create new spaces and enrich old ones. We want to bring charm and comfort to meetings, gatherings and conversations; to be the support for those who write books, design posters, send emails, compose letters, enjoy meals, play harps and behold art.  

We are the heirs of woodworkers in the world of contemporary design. Tradition and innovation are the two lenses through which we see life. We conceive our collections with great respect for what really matters to us: an artisanal tradition that has been alive and evolving for over forty years; a balance between beauty and function, between craft and technology; a lively, vibrant style. This is what we look forward to every morning. This is why we don’t sit down, why we keep moving, facing challenges, and reinventing our business: so that we can always find new ways to bring joy to our clients with objects born from true passion.

Join together, stay in motion, persist in being, we enjoy doing our work.

We enjoy bringing in and sharing new perspectives, big dreams and smart ideas that come with each new member of our growing family. For our craft and our clients, we remain standing – we won’t sit just yet.


That feeling we get when our bodies touch a welcoming surface, a surface that knows just how to adapt to our shape and movement —a surface, for example, like sand, on the beach. Shores are transformed to the rhythm of tides rising, then pulling back. Yet, the raw materials that constitute these shores remain; their intrinsic nature stays the same as they continue to dance with one another while slowly reshaping the landscape.  

Akin to this organic movement of nature our family business has been transformed by the needs of changing times and possibilities brought along by new opportunities, all while remaining faithful to its foundational values and elements. The beach on which our first workshop stood over forty years ago, the hands that have been crafting oakwood for decades, the values that have permeated every product, decision and action made along the way: they’re what make us stand firm, – as do trees –, and also what make us remain noble, flexible, and adaptable, – just like the workings of nature itself –. Because of them we grow and because of them we can stay rooted. In the substrate of our company lies the will to maintain a harmonious relationship between the elements throughout design, conceptualization and production processes. Our designs are meant to infuse harmony, connectivity and joy into human relationships; the conceptualization phase is marked by principles of empathy, sustainability, artistry and technology; in the production process we create balance between paper and graphite, wood, hands, and sandpaper, computers and metallic tubes —we foster softness and proportion, we make a unique object that welcomes our clients’ bodies and knows just how to adapt to their shapes and movements. We design and craft furniture with a soul.


Agata Lewandowska, Agustin Artola Irastorza, Ake Dahlgren, Alessandro Matteoli, Alexa Holzer, Ana Elgorriaga Miquelpericena, Andrea Muruzabal, Antonio Luque Gorostiaga, Asier Etxeberria Arruti, Beatriz Tumas Perez, Bixente Gartzia Gonzalez, Carlos Guerrero, Chris Rogers, Dominique Cornillet, Enrique Sanchez Lara, Esteban Moreno, Fernando Lobato, Frederic Prouzet, Helfried Wallner, Inma Corral Garcia, Iñigo Erdocia Iriarte, Ion Mattin Aldareguia Moreno, Izaskun Ariztegi Elizagoyen, Javier Parra Garmendia, Jose Luis Cobas, Joxemari Agirrezabala Zabala, Joseba Lecuona Manterola, Joxemi Arzallus Arocena, Juan Navarro, Juanjo Arratibel Arrillaga, Lucia Quiñonez, Manuela de la Cruz Gonzalez, Maria Ciriquiain, Maria Gorostegui Oteiza, Maria Jose Varela, Marilis Galardi Aduriz, Miguel Rodriguez, Miren Pilar Anzano, Muriel Thomas, Nadia Arratibel Galardi, Naomi Cervera, Natalia Postiglione, Neil Rogers, Nicolas Pozo, Nora Arratibel Galardi, Oihana Arratibel Galardi, Pau Barba, Peio Urdangarin, Renato Sestak, Rui Lima, Silvio Camacho Alvarez, Ulfried Weinberger, Vanda Correia, Wouter Allaert, Xabier Amiano Ochoa De Alaiza, Xabier Ayarza Sorzabal, Xavi Coronado.