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A place, a story.

Ondarreta is one of the three beaches that wash the bay in the city of San Sebastián.

A beach that holds the secrets of those who would take a summer dip in its water, and the roots of a woodworking shop that would later become the beginning of a family history dedicated to the design and manufacture of tables, chairs...

There, in the heart of the Basque Country, was born the passion for working with wood, for turning it into something new, giving it a shape and a name. This led, in 1975, and only a few kilometres away, to the foundation of Ondarreta; tables and chairs.

Because every great story has a beginning that marks its character and fills it with meaning!

A family, a team.

Today, 40 years later, Ondarreta is a family company with an essence which has travelled from that small workshop on the beach to the place where it stands today, now a reference in the home and contract equipment industry.

Ondarreta is the result of a dream, of a challenge.

Confidence, pride, proximity and professionalism since its origins and an essence transferred to the DNA of the later generations, marking ways of being and doing in the family company it has become today.

A professional, dedicated team with whom we share a form of understanding the art of creating.

A land, an essence, roots.

Character, tenacity to grow, to remain in place and to reinvent ourselves.

Not unlike the Cantabrian Sea, our personality is tenacious. Strong and perseverant.

The place where we grew up has gifted us with a noble, hard-working and fighting character that helps us to reinvent ourselves and to continue forging ahead day after day.

Our surroundings give us our own way of understanding design. The colour of our land, the light...

An essence, in short, that has respected a personal identity forged over the years and that has marked the way we are and the way we do things, committed to quality design and intellectual property.

A design, a culture.

Because we are convinced that with our everyday work and effort, we can help to create a society that understands good design. A good design we strive to conceive alongside the emerging and celebrated designers who join us in addressing our projects.

Furthermore, as far as social responsibility is concerned, we are strongly committed to boosting the local economy, creating employment both directly and indirectly.

An origin, respect.

Noble materials, wood and metal, crafted by expert, artful hands to create unique pieces, with their own stamp and seal.

The raw materials, always environmentally friendly, come from our immediate vicinity, from local resources that share our philosophy while enabling us to reduce our carbon footprint.

Thus, wood from European forests controlled and regulated by international FSC and PEFC standards is one of the greatest sources of raw material at Ondarreta.

With these and other materials, we make products easy to dismantle or that can largely be recycled.

Continuous improvement, ecodesign.

Ondarreta is committed to keeping its environmental impact to a minimum, to caring for the great natural heritage shared by all of us, thanks to global management, sustainable practices and choosing its materials, methods and processes to represent the least possible risk to our environment.

The entire process, from the moment the material is born, continuing through design stage and ending with completion, is carefully nurtured to ensure enormous enjoyment.

During all of these stages, we work hand in hand with continuous improvement systems, such as ISO 9001 for quality, ISO 14001 for environmental management and always in the frame of the ISO 14006 for ecodesign.


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